Ben Sayers lx100 laser

£99.00 £139.99

Ben Sayers lx100 laser

Ben Sayers lx100 laser

£139.99 £99.00

Product Details

Product Details

Ben Sayers LX1000 Golf Laser Rangefinder 

The laser rangefinder has quickly become a fundamental part of a golfer’s bag, as the ability to get an accurate yardage to the flag or any other target in a matter of seconds proving to be an invaluable asset. 

Quality laser rangefinders have historically come at quite a cost, with golfers having to pay a premium sum to having this technology at their fingertips. The release of the Ben Sayers LX1000 Golf Laser Rangefinder looks set to change all this with a price point far below others available on the market. 

With this lower price point, one would typically expect the laser to be lacking in either features or quality but the Ben Sayers LX1000 Golf Laser Rangefinder manages to do extremely well on both fronts without breaking the bank. 

Offering a 6x magnification and accurate to +/- 1 yard this laser rangefinder brings specification that are close to the very best offered from any laser. It also features the all-important pinseeker function which makes it much easier to lock in on the flag and helps to prevent any zapping of trees behind the green instead of the pin. Behind the green tree zapping has been responsible for many a lost ball in the cabbage over the back of the green, as well struck shots sail over the pin due to playing to the wrong yardage. 

The Ben Sayers LX1000 Golf Laser Rangefinder is also water resistant and comes with a cleaning cloth, carry pouch and handy carry strap. 

If you are looking at getting a laser rangefinder to help take your golf to the next level, then the Ben Sayers LX1000 Golf Laser Rangefinder would be a superb choice. Offering great functionality and unbeatable value this is another superb addition to our fantastic range of Ben Sayers products. 


  • 1000 metre range with pinseeker range of 330 yards 
  • Incredible value laser rangefinder 
  • 6 x Magnification 
  • Accurate to +/- one yard 

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