Mizuno GT180 Driver

£249.00 £399.00

Mizuno GT180 Driver

Mizuno GT180 Driver

£399.00 £249.00


Product Details

Add more yards to your golf game, with this fantastic new Mizuno GT180 Driver. The driver offers more possibilities of flight and spin settings, to squeeze every last yard out of your golf swing.

“With its wider range of settings, the GT180 can hold the key to squeeze out those last few seemingly unobtainable yards,” says Bill Price, Custom Fitting Manager at Mizuno. “Being able to fine tune your launch angle and spin rate is the final element in the equation to find your most efficient flight.”

Ultimate Tuning

The driver offers an expandable array of adjustability, with twin sliding weights to offer more draw, or fade or neutral settings. And the option of reducing or increasing spin, to find your optimum performance setting.

The GT180 Driver Features:

  • Ultimate Adjustability
  • Forged SP700 Ti Multi-Thickness Face
  • Quick Switch Adapter
  • 1-Year Guarantee & Kuro Kage Silver TiNi Graphite Shaft

Forged SP700 Ti Multi-Thickness Face

This high speed multi-thickness face, combines with other technologies to promote even more ball speed, for even more distance than any other previous Mizuno Golf driver.

Quick Switch

The Quick Switch adjustable hosel, allows you to change your club set-up fast and easily, to fine-tune to different launch conditions and personal preferences of all golfers. This adjustment allows 4 degrees of loft adjustment and 3 degrees of lie adjustment.

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